Affilella Junior

Economical and professional sharpener for kitchen knives and scissors

The small Affilella Junior sharpener is a practical and economical machine that is ideal for sharpening all kinds of knives and scissors. It allows to sharpen different types of blades, regardless of thickness and angle, thanks to its versatility: in fact it is possible to vary the sharpening angle by replacing the 2 stainless steel angle blocks placed on the sides of the machine.

The super abrasive CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride) coated grinding wheel ensures an excellent finish without heating or burning the blade, as it is quite a few quick passes to sharpen. The sharpener has a switch to reverse the wheel rotation and is therefore ideal for sharpening double bevel knives and both scissor blades.
The corner blocks, (interchangeable and customizable) are placed at the sides of the grinding wheel CBN, and serve as a support in order to obtain the desired angle of sharpening. Two 15° dowels for sharpening knives and a 50° dowel for sharpening scissors are supplied with Affilella Junior, but the reference blocks of any required angle can be purchased separately.


Motor power: 0.18 kW
Voltage: 220V
Diameter of CBN wheel: Ø 150 mm
Knife bevel angles: 15° + 15°
Scissor bevel angle: 50°
Weight: 13.5 Kg
Dimensions (L x P x A): 320x230x210 mm


– You want to sharpen your own blades obtaining precise work
– You want a convenient but professional instrument
– You need a sharpener that takes up little space and works clean
– You need to sharpen the blades with custom angles

Reliability and direct sale without distributor
To guarantee our customers the best competitive price!
MVM has 60 plus years of experience in the industrial grinding machine sector.


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