Video References


The Donatello restaurant always needs sharp knives. To control the quality of the cut it was entrusted with Affilella Junior, our smallest model designed for those who need a compact and hygienic machine.


The butcher shop inside the Sidis supermarket has a heavy workload and decided to rely on Affilella. Its power combined with ease of use make it the best choice for butchers.


The Madonnini Industrial Tool Sharpening Center receives very specific knife sharpening requests from local companies. Due to their daily workload, they decided to rely on Affilella, for its quality and durability.


Former Brass Hosiery now Mtm Calze is a historic company that performs all kinds of embroidery on socks and fabrics. It needs scissors that are always sharp and sharp. To meet this need, MTM purchased Affilella because it is characterized by its durability.


Affilella, for Lombardi Hardware of Modena is a working tool and an additional service to support the sharpening of customers’ blades. Providing a sharpening service has meant an increase in customers for this store and an additional source of income that knows no seasonality.


Tacco Espresso has complemented the store’s offering and has led to increased customer loyalty. Affilella is the machine chose by the owner for its simplicity, its reliability and the small amount of space it requires. With Affilella the shop is able to sharpen knives and scissors in just a few minutes.