Live Experience is the new innovative, exclusive and confidential project of AFFILELLA-MVM .

Complementing the virtual fair project, this tailored experience, unique in its genre, will allow each customer that requests it, to visit the show room and see first hand the Affilella machines exactly like when visiting a traditional fair.


A dedicated commercial technical expert
will explain in detail, live, the characteristics and peculiarities of all our machines on display in our showroom.

Un tecnico specializzato
vi aiuterà nell’avvio delle macchine, nella loro riparazione, manutenzione e utilizzo.

A specialized technician
will assist you while starting the machines, during their repair, maintenance and use.

Any question you may have will be answered immediately.

Technical requirements:

Customers that wish to take advantage of our service must have an Internet connection and an instant messaging software (Zoom).

Alternatively, other instant messaging programs such as Whatsapp and Skype can be evaluated.


Zoom Meetings PC

Zoom Meetings Android

Zoom Meetings iOS


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